Anti- poster coating

KTX anti-poster prevents various glues from penetrating into the protected surface. It causes stickers, labels, posters and tapes, regardless of the type of glue, to stick to the substrate very poorly. It makes it very easy to unstick the labels and posters, and there are no traces of glue remaining on the surface.  Sometimes just rain is enough to cause the posters to come off.

The anti-poster coating is perfect for protecting urban infrastructure: lamp posts, street lights at crossroads, electricity and telecommunication casings etc.

Product qualities:

  • Very effectively prevents posters form permanent sticking
  • Acts as a UV filter 
  • Preserves the surface and prolongs colour intensity
  • Provides permanent protection against graffiti
  • Applicable both in- and outdoors
  • Make it possible to remove posters many times without repeated coating applications
  • Does not damage the substrate
  • Does not affect the look of the protected surface
  • Prevents glues, water, grease, paints, oils from penetrating into the surface
  • Available both in matte and glossy varieties
  • Facilitates quick and easy cleaning of the protected surface (no aggressive cleaners are required)
  • Application by means of brushes, rollers, spray.

Suitable for:  concrete, brick, plaster, marble, granite, metals, wood, plastics, other coatings.
KTX Anti-poster is applicable onto porous substrates, both absorptive and non-absorptive.