Antigraffiti coatings

The coatings presented below have been developed in the course of many years of scientific research. Our coatings and preservatives enable users to remove graffiti paints without causing damage to the affected surface. They also protect the surface against paint or ink penetration if the construction material or paint coat is a porous one.

Our KTX 05, KTX 07, KTX 30 antigraffiti coatings have obtained IBDiM National Technical Assessment :

No. IBDiM-KOT-2022/0841

No. IBDiM-KOT-2020/0551

No. IBDiM-RT-2023/0200

Antigraffiti systems

According to the essential categorization of protective coatings, we can basically distinguish between:

  • Temporary disposable protection – temporary coatings
  • Semi-permanent protection - semi-permanent coatings
  • Permanent protection – permanent coatings

Temporary system

Temporary protection is an effective and, at the same time, the cheapest possible method in the case of one-off application. It consists in applying a protective coating which separates the protected substrate from paint. If the coating is covered with graffiti paint, it is removed along with the graffiti. Such coatings usually consist of ordinary wax, polyacrylate, microcrystalline wax or paraffin-in-water emulsion.

  • Neutral relation to the substrate. Such coatings can be removed without trace.
  • No cleaning media or liquids are necessary – graffiti can be removed by means of a high pressure washer and hot water.
  • After the graffiti has been removed the coating must be applied again.
  • The coating is highly vapour-permeable.

The main drawback of temporary coatings is their relatively short protection span. It is contingent on the coating thickness and intensity of atmospheric factors.

Semi-permanent systems

A semi-permanent system is ensured by a single- or two-component coating which may endure a particular number of graffiti paintings and cleaning cycles. This kind of coating usually requires application of chemical removers. Although theoretically the number of cleaning cycles amounts to approx. five, it has been proved that in practice this number is often lower than expected. It is because each cleaning cycle removes a difficult-to-assess layer of the coating along with the painting and so the coating loses part of its protective qualities. Semi-permanent coatings should be treated as a kind of pricing compromise between the cost of permanent and temporary coatings..

Permanent systems

Permanent protection differs from the first two types in that it is resistant to chemicals and mechanical damage. Permanent coatings make it utterly impossible for aerosol paints and inks used in felt-tip pens to penetrate into the substrate. Graffiti can be removed from such a surface with appropriate cleaning liquids.
Permanent coatings usually are two-component film-forming agents based on mixture of polyurethane resins with some organic solvents. We also produce coatings in the form of water emulsions of these resins as well as single-component coatings which contain siloxanes, polymers or silanes.

Advantages of permanent coatings

  • Resistance to mechanical damage and high durability
  • Resistance to atmospheric factors – this enables usage of high pressure washer for all kinds of surfaces
  • High resistance to chemical agents
  • Wide colour range – from fully transparent coatings to the colour palette according to the RAL colour standards
  • Matt or glossy finish
  • Protection against poster sticking
  • Exceptionally easy graffiti removing – especially form the silicone coating. Warm water and liquid soap is enough to clean the paint off.

Disadvantages of permanent coatings:

  • Difficult mixing and application process
  • After application and removal of the coating the substrate may not remain in the original condition

Additionally, there is also a mixed system, which is a combination of a permanent base layer and a temporary top layer. This category also applies to single-layer coatings which are partially removed in the process of graffiti cleaning.
Permanent system is characterised by the highest price and, at the same time, the lowest cost of multiple graffiti removal. It is recommended especially for buildings of utmost importance or value and in places where acts of vandalism happen particularly often.
The antigraffiti coatings produced by our company are renowned for their quality and durability. They are used by major construction companies on the market. They are also recommended by historic buildings conservation officers and constructions inspectors. They are used by private entrepreneurs and state-owned companies alike along with regional authorities.


Comprehensive offer of graffiti prevention systems:

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