Graffiti cleaning technology

To those of you who do not approve of walls covered with graffiti paintings, we offer a technology enabling effective removal of the paintings from the elevations and their protection against penetration of the paint and varnish into the structure of the substrate.

Our company is one of the most innovative manufacturers of anti-graffiti coating products and graffiti paint removers. We are offering a technology for protection of buildings’ outer surfaces against graffiti as well as paint, polish or marker and felt-tip pen penetration.

The products developed by our company make it possible to remove paint or marker traces from virtually every kind of surface: steel, concrete, wood, mortar, glass, plastics, varnished surfaces, leather as well as sandstone, marble, clinker and other materials.

The Antigraffiti System Professional technology which was developed in our company is unique in its lack of aggressive and invasive factors which might damage or alter the affected surface. This is why we are offering professional paint removers of KT line.

Both permanent and perishable coatings of the Antigraffiti System Professional brand produced by us enable users to entirely remove graffiti paintings with clean water under high pressure. Graffiti paint can also be cleaned off with the use of our chemical removers. The precondition is the appropriate choice of anti-graffiti coating and its correct application.

Being a maker of chemical goods, we spare no effort to protect the natural environment. Our chemical products are entirely biodegradable. We are the sole manufacturer of these products; therefore, we can be absolutely certain that they obey the environmental protection laws.

Anti-graffiti coatings KTX 05, KTX 07, KTX 30 possess the Technical Approval of the IBDiM: No. IBDiM-KOT-2022/0841, IBDiM-KOT-2020/0551.

Now that you know the scope of our company operations and the general information about our technology, the only thing left to do is to invite you all to use the services provided by our company. You can entrust your object to professionals who will perform the required tasks efficiently, skillfully and with the highest quality.