How does the KTX 05 Strong work

The examples presented below show the differences in the effectiveness of graffiti removal between the substrate protected with the KTX 05 strong anti-graffiti coating and the natural surface of a given material. They also show the effect of the PX 07 primer, which prevents the surface from darkening after applying anti-graffiti coatings.


Concrete painted with Sigma Indurin RAL 7035 acrylic-silicone paint

Embedded thumbnail for Bet mal2 KTX05str


Concrete, absorbent substrate

Embedded thumbnail for Beton2 KTX05str


Sandstone, absorbent substrate

Embedded thumbnail for Piaskowiec2 ktx05str




Raw wood

Embedded thumbnail for drewno2 KTX 05str



Embedded thumbnail for Gran2 ktx05str