Primer filler PX 07 – surface darkening prevention

Primer filler for  antigraffiti coatings

Etykieta PX 07PX 07 is a single-component, colourlessly drying dispersion of styrene-acrylic copolymer. It is used for priming absorptive, mineral substrates before application of anti-graffiti coating, which minimises or prevents the covered surface form darkening. It also enhances and evens out its absorptiveness. The product perfectly penetrates into the surface while improving its adhesive properties thanks to small size dispersion particles. PX 07 allows diffusion, has hydrophobic properties, protects the surface from penetration by hazardous substances and is UV and erosion resistant.

Product key qualities:

  • prevents colour deepening or changes,
  • strengthens the surface, paint layers, vulnerable natural stone substrates,
  • stabilises and evens out absorptiveness of all absorptive substrates,
  • improves paint adhesion to the surface and the coating durability,
  • improves surface coatings application rate,
  • ensures perfect adhesion to various mineral substrates,
  • improves surface resistance to erosion,
  • increases coating hydrophobic properties,
  • penetrates well into substrates,
  • is extremely durable.

How does PX 07 primer work?
Examples of surfaces with PX 07 on variety of materials


We present an example of how the PX 07 primer works on concrete surface with different levels of absorbency. As the absorbency of the surface increases, the intensity of the darkening of its color increases after applying the anti-graffiti coating. PX 07 significantly reduces this phenomenon.


Substrate with low absorbency:


Substrate with high absorbency: