Private Label Service

We offer private label products; we manufacture them on behalf of the client, in the client’s packaging and under the client’s brand name. Thanks to this the product is fully associated with the client’s company.

Benefits of private label:

  • we provide high quality products at production output prices,
  • the client’s company may eliminate production implementation costs,
  • the client may order a product which is uniquely adapted to their specific needs, with special properties,
  • the client’s company may open itself to new opportunities,
  • the client’s brand becomes more recognizable.

Having over fifteen years’ experience in manufacturing specialist construction chemicals, proper research back-up as well as creative staff, we are offering production of the following chemicals:

  • anti-graffiti coatings
  • graffiti paint removers
  •  products for waterproofing absorptive substrates 

Private label service includes:

  • development/choice of the formula: it  is the fastest and most economical to use our basic formulas, because the preparations made on their basis have been checked and tested, they have all the required licences and conformations of their properties. This solution makes it possible to avoid time-consuming initial studies and tests, and to move on to the final test stage which takes place in an independent laboratory. This can become the basis for compilation of documents which enable the product to be brought into the market. 
  • Lab tests: the initial tests are carried out in our company; final tests are conducted by independent, certified / accredited labs. It is possible to commission the tests to any selected laboratory.
  • Technical documentation: Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet, Declaration of Conformity, label, etc.
  • Obtaining indispensable certificates, technical approvals, opinions.
  • Registration at appropriate offices in order to become entitled to trading the product.
  • Graphic design associated with the product: leaflet, label, packaging, etc.
  • Production: we can manufacture any amount of the product; there is no minimum threshold requirement. The larger the order, the lower the unit price. The price also depends on the packaging size.
  • Packaging of the final product: we offer a choice of various containers, volumes and colours; such as metal, plastic, canisters, cans, buckets, bottles, barrels or bulk containers.  
  • Warehousing services.
  • Efficiently co-ordinated deliveries.

PHSC Chemicals is a well-known brand – we are a leading manufacturer of specialist construction chemicals such as anti-graffiti coatings. We have been operating on the market for many years. Our know-how and technological expertise is combined with our passion for developing innovative products. 
We provide a perfectly equipped research and technological back-up. We guarantee a consistently perfect product quality.  Our best-selling products have obtained the approval of the Road and Bridge Research Institute on application on engineering objects and are used by the European market leaders in construction industry. Our preparations are certified and marked with the "B"  label. We also co-operate with many research centres. Our key traits are: professionalism, flexibility, top quality and speed of action. 
Thanks to our experience we can offer the best and most unique service.
We look forward to contact from prospective partners.